Zero-cost Enrollment

No hardware required. Simply download app from your platform's app store, register and start accepting payments

WeChat Endorsement

Selected by 400 million Chinese consumers as their payment of choice. WeChat Pay has selected QFPay as their most important partner in China and abroad

Most Trusted Partner

Invested by Sequoia Capital & Matrix Partners. We're serving over 1 million merchants in China and processed over 60 billion RMB in transactions to date

QFPay & WeChat Promotions

Partipicate in a variety of promotions to drive both online and offline traffic. Discounts and electronic coupons available to boost extra spending

China is the world's largest outbound spending country

Benefits of QFPay WeChat Pay solution

For Merchants

*   Easy to use, only 3 secs for each transaction

*   Cost saver, lower fees than credit cards

*   Zero-cost installation, no hardware required

*   Extra revenue boost

For Tourists

*   No need to exchange money or carry cash

*   All purchases automatically converted to RMB

*   No fees or exchange rate markup from credit cards

*   Use your favorite way to pay

Our Solutions

QFPay App

Three simple steps to complete transaction

1 Input transaction amount

2 Select WeChat Pay

3 Scan QR Code generated by customer's WeChat Pay

Customized Solution

Alternative solution for retail chains

1 Input transaction amount on integrated cashier

2 Select Wechat Pay

3 Scan QR Code generated by customer's WeChat Pay with integrated scanner


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